QQ tu pian 20180906164932 Finehope tea break

5 reasons why Finehope start to have tea break.



It gives your eyes a rest

Not everybody works at a computer all day but many of us do, and staring at a screen for long periods can contribute to eye strain, headaches and dry eye syndrome.

It gets you off your backside

It’s not only our eyes and heads that can suffer; our bodies weren’t really designed to spend all day working at a desk, but that’s the reality for millions of office workers, and it’s contributing to a rise in obesity, posture problems, backache and a range of other musculoskeletal complaints.

It reduces stress

Tea makes everything better, and there’s even plenty of science that backs up the fact that tea can help us feel calm and less stressed.

It keeps you hydrated

This relates to those productivity levels too – tea rounds help ensure we stay well hydrated. Never underestimate the impact of being dehydrated; it can make us feel physically rubbish (tiredness, headaches, etc) and can affect concentration levels.

It connects you with your colleagues

Even little interactions with people around us can have a significant impact on our sense of wellbeing. I don’t care how important you think your job is; nobody is too busy to say, ‘Fancy a cuppa?’ every once in a while.

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