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Anti-fatigue standing desk mat for office

Material : Polyurethane (PU), an advanced 

                   and trustworthy material

MOQ : 100 pcs

Size : As your requirement


  • Can a standing desk change the way you work?
  • Did you know after 60 minutes of sitting, you fat-burning enzymes slow down by 90%?
  • Did you know that standing is only good for you if it’s done properly?
  • How about you stand in one of Sheep Mats?


These anti fatigue floor mat has been designed to promote better posture, proper circulation, muscle toning and sense of well-being.

In addition, the Padded Teller Mats reduce the fatigue and discomfort associated with the stress and strain of long term or static standing.


437 Anti-fatigue standing desk mat for office

1377 Anti-fatigue standing desk mat for office



  1. Waterproof, anti-bacteria, non-slip PU floor mat
  2.  Easy to clean disposable floor mat
  3. Soft, comfortable, anti-fatigue,multi-purpose kitchen mat .
  4. Anticorrosion, damp-proof, anti-crack, mothproof, anti-ultraviolet door mat
  5. No radiation, non-toxic and eco-friendly
  6.  Light container shipping and easy to transport
  7. The products are environmental, biodegradable which can reduce tree felling and preserve the ecological environment


The Unique anti fatigue floor mat is engineered to the optimal degree of softness to minimize the harmful, painful consequences of standing for extended periods, reduce the stress and strain of standing for extended periods, prevent future injuries, and improve morale and productivity.


3 quality finehope 1 02 Anti-fatigue standing desk mat for office

3 quality finehope 1 05 Anti-fatigue standing desk mat for office3 quality finehope 1 05 fu ben Anti-fatigue standing desk mat for office

3 quality finehope 1 06 1 Anti-fatigue standing desk mat for office

3 quality finehope 1 07 Anti-fatigue standing desk mat for office


1.Why you choose Finehope?

Finehope is the most professional manufacturer of floor mat in China which has a professional R&D team advanced PU production equipment professional testing equipment and perfect quality management system. We have 12 years cooperaton expence w CAT,  FIAT,  TVH, GGP and other famous enterprise. We provide them with one-stop service from R&D to production to satisfy their customization needs.


2. What are the advantages of choosing Finehope?

1. Product quality assurance, delivery guarantee, good after-sales service.

2. Cost-effective fast development eciency professional operation with integrity.

3. Finehope will conduct all tesing anaysis and then work out testing standards to reduce quality standard dispute between customers and manufacturers.

4. Lean production management mode.

5. Help customers develop and design new products.

6. Has rich experiences in the design and processing of pu products.

7. Finehope is a high-tech enterprise in China with domestic and international invention patents technology and intellectual property.


3. What are the differences between Finehope and domestic peers?

1. Quality assurance: advanced product quality planning (APQP).

2. Finehope has rich experence in serving international large enterprises.

3. Has professional scentific research team of polyurethane material.

4. Has independent design manufacturing and innovation ability of production equipment and molds.

5. Has engineer team who is responsible for the quality assurance system and quality control.


4. What are the differences between Finehope and European and U.S peers?

1. Has sound and mature supporting supply chain.

2. Lower mold costs.

3. High efficency of development and design ability and short process time.

4. Cost effective and good service attitude.


5. What are the applications of pu products?

car, engineenng machiney,  sports fitness equipment, medical machinery and daily household iems and so on.