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The manufacture of the detail of PUR (polyurethane) are made on the reaction molding (RIM = Reaction Injection Molding) in open or closed tools. It can include composites such as fiberglass reinforced solid polyurethane combined with steel, or other plastic materials with properties intended for e.g. high strength when loaded. This technique, which we took in 1987, has been further developed over the years and has become something we are relatively unique with.

bg FINEHOPE is the most professional PUR manufacturer in China.

Processing is usually done in multi-operation machines and the construction using 3D CAD / CAM, and we are used to working with digital models. The work also includes assembly and often surface treatment where we cooperate with Vimmerby Plastlackering AB, which is also part of EXP.-GROUP. In this way we can deliver a complete product to the customer.

We have also developed the business to include molding models for foundry molds. A business that places high demands on us as a manufacturer to produce models exactly after the CAD drawing and present a correct solution for the foundry. With advanced CAD and CAM software, we can develop and produce the right concept for the customer.

We have realized the importance of being a creative and efficient partner and we are pleased that our customers see us as both supplier and as a ball shelf in problem solving. When challenges arise as to obtain a detail with unique features or requirements, we, both the customer and the customer, value each other in seeking as cost-effective and good-looking solution as possible.

  • High load capacity.

  • Environmental resistance.

  • Dimensional stability.

  • Low weight relative to comparable material strength, such as metals.

  • Polyurethane has high chemical resistance, very good wearability and good thermal insulation ability.